It is the year 1890. Vincent van Gogh is shooting a bullet in the chest. Oscar Wilde published "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Man Ray was born in Philadelphia. And the woman of the world? Wearing Parisian chic and still corset. The German man is based there rather on English model. Way with the complicated cravat! Bring on the new hat. Immediately dominate melon and cylinder menswear - at least in the city. And what happens in the Allgäu? Here Markus and Gottfried Seeberger brothers founded the now world-famous hat manufacturer.

First, only harvest hats were produced from straw by hand . 125 years later Seeberger is still a Hutmanufaktur and the fourth generation of family ownership. And now the women are the focus. The company is successfully in 40 countries - because craft, tradition and good design simply never go out of fashion. Good style is simply timeless. Just like a nice hat or other accessory made by Seeberger.



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