Marimekko is a Finish fashion company founded in Helsinki. The brand has made important contributions to the fashion world with their colorful printed fabrics, strict lines and simple styles. Two designers in particular, Vuokko Nurmenniemi with bold stripes and Maija Isola with large simple floral print, has created hundreds of distinctive designs and helped make Marimekko to a well known fashion name across the world.

In this world it is hard to find happiness unless you let go and accept who you are.
Marimekko's vision is to liberate women to find their inner happiness and through these steps grow, find peace and confidence within yourself.
With our colourful prints, simple but yet strong cuts, it is our mission to make you feel your best!

-This is what separates us from all other fashion brands.



SS - 18


From Paris fashion week, AW - 17


From Paris fashion week, SS - 17


AW - 16